Samsung Smart Camera EX2F

Panoramic photos are terrific for capturing 180-degree views of landscapes or city skylines.

Here is how to capture a panoramic photo on the Samsung EX2F Smart Camera.

While in shooting mode, rotate the mode dial to the camera icon with the star on it.

Then highlight Panorama Mode, and press OK.

Now press Menu.

Now select the camera icon and use the scroll wheel to select Panorama.

Here you have a choice: Action Panorama, Live Panorama, or 3D Panorama.

We will choose Live Panorama.

Now press Menu to return to shooting mode.

Now frame the beginning of your shot.

Then press the shutter button to begin taking a panoramic photo.

Follow the panorama arrow and guide on the bottom of the screen.

When you release the shutter button the photo will process.

For best results, when taking a panoramic photo, avoid shaking the camera shooting in dark places and moving the camera too quickly.

Also you will not be able to use the zoom function while in panoramic mode.

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