Samsung NX30 Smart Camera

How's everybody, my name is Aaron and I'll show you some amazing features of the NX30 Smart Camera from Samsung.

Another surprising feature of the NX30 is photo sharing.

This lets you share your photos with your phone to upload to Facebook, Instagram or other social networks.

To benefit fully from your NX30, you should have the Samsung app for smart camera.

If your NFC device is not already the Samsung app for smart camera, check that the NFC setting is enabled, find the location of the NFC on the NX30 and then gently tap the two devices together and you will be redirected to the Google Play menu to download.

The Wi-Fi is not necessary in this situation because the NX30 creates a similar access point router in your home.

If you do not have an NFC device, your smart phone can still connect via the Samsung application to camera.

This allows you to quickly share a photo taken by the camera to an NFC device.

Let's say you're at the beach and your friend takes pictures and u have one you like.

Take your NFC device, press the camera and the photo will be automatically transferred.

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