Photo Capture for Service Businesses

FM camera is the customizable photocapture and management app that simplifies the process of image captureand storage in the cloud whether your a Realtor medical professional contractoror service provider FM camera will provide for your photo capture needs FMcamera was designed by former apple designers to be used by those that needsimple customizable photo management in their professional day-to-day livesteams can capture their photos on their separate mobile devices and upload themso that they are collected in a single location FM camera keeps theprofessional photo separated from the personal so your personal photos don'tget accidentally uploaded to your boss captured photos are synced up to the FMgallery app a photo management tool that allows for collection organizationresizing rotation and file format changes to the images FM camera allowsfor one tap upload of all photos taken and FM gallery can easily manage andorganize the photos both FM camera and FM gallery are built in FileMaker andare easily customizable for your unique business needs try it free visit FM gallery.

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