Lens Pouch for DSLR Camera Lenses

Hi again Izzy at Digital Goja showroomsand today we're going to take a look at the newest version of the Altura Photo Neoprene lens pouches, it comes in a 4-pack.

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And don'tforget, when in Miami visit Digital Goja showrooms! Now this is the newest version,I've had some of their previous models and I have to admit they did a great jobin the upgrade on this.

It's touted as the highest quality lens pouches on themarket and I think Altura Photo actually pulled it off.

These interiorsare very well done take a look at this, let me invert thisguy, they added much better padding on the bottom this is nice and velvety sothis is going to guarantee that it doesn't scratch your lenses they did areally nice job there's an additional 5mmextra thick padded bottom and of course the exterior is water-resistant it's aneoprene so it makes it easy to carry but yet nice and protected for yourlenses notice how you have this clip so you can clip it on to your camera bag oryour favorite strap plus here is the drawstring that closes it up perfectlyso that makes it much easier to carry you have also a belt loop, now rememberAltura Photo is the only brand that produces lens pouches with this softvelvety interior.

This is made to protect the delicate housing of your favoritelenses so a lot of competitors are trying to copy this but the constructionquality seems a lot better on the Altura Photo design.

This is compatible with alllenses out there so if you own a Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Fuji, Pentax, Zeiss, Panasonic, Leica, Sigma many more, they're allgoing to fit in here as long as you choose the correct size and againremember that the Altura Photo neoprene lens pouches are backed with the DigitalGoja 90-day 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Let's take a closer look and see whatfits inside these.

Now, here is the smallest version, thisguy has a size of 4" H x 3.

14" W so basically what I canfit in here is a very popular lens a lot of us own this this.

This thecanon 50mm 1.

8 usually known as the nifty fifty, notice how easily it goes inhere and again you can seal it up very easy to carry another lens that fits inhere basically any lens that doesn't go past 3", here we go, this is the85mm 1.

8 it's a little bit tighter fit but it does hold it, now in comparison, let's say you're new to lenses and sizesof lenses here is a standard 12oz soda can so notice the size of the can next tothe small Altura pouch.

Let's go on to the next size.

Alright sothe next size up is their medium, this will accommodate lenses up to 4.

5"in length, so again here is the 12 oz popular soda can compared to theAltura Photo medium Altura case.

Now, this will accommodate lenses like for examplewhat I have in here right now, this is the Tamron 24-70 2.

8 that fits inthere perfectly even with the lens hood inverted.

Now the medium-sized case is 4" W x 5.

5" H and again compared to the soda can,notice how the soda can pretty much disappears in there.

So you can workwith lenses like that Tamron here have another popular lens this is an L-series24mm 1.

4 from Canon, again fits in there perfectly close it up with thedrawstring and remember that you have a little button that holds it in place sothat means that keeps it nice and sealed and you can attach it right on so thisis the medium sized Altura Photo neoprene lens pouch.

Let's go on to the next size.

Now thelarge size is still 4" W x 8.

7" H so that means is going to accommodate any lens up to 7" in lenght so forexample very popular 100mm macro this guy fits in here no problem, with plenty of room and evenif you have a monster like this, this is the 72-300 L series that also fits inhere with no problem, but, remember this might not accommodate reversible lenshoods or tripod collars.

So if you have a tripod collar on your lens or reversiblelens hood, you might not be able to fit in here but this accommodates the lensin here with absolutely no problem whatsoever with nice padding and againthat softline interior to protect the casing of your lens again in comparison there's our 12 oz soda can, wow yeahthat just disappears in there, so notice the comparison in the size but if youhave large lenses like this guy, again that fits in there perfectly, pulling thedrawstring, clip it on or you have a loop for your belt.

And let's go on to thelast but not least size.

Now here we have the extra large of the Altura Photoneoprene lens pouch, this guy's size is 9.

4" again by 4"in width and this is meant to accommodate any lens up to 8.

5"in length, so you have something like this 70-200 2.

8, now you have to becareful because this might not accommodate lenses with the tripodcollar attached so notice how this won't go in here due to the fact that you havethe tripod collar attached and also some lenses that have large reversible lens hoods perfectexample here's the 50-100mm very popular lens from Sigma this is the 50-100 1.

8but it has a huge lens hood so lets remove this guy and the collar ispretty small so it fits in here perfectly but without the lenses so youcan't use this model with the lens hood, but without the lens hood it fits with noproblem whatsoever and it gives you a nice secure pouch for your 50-100mmand you should be able to take something like this size becausethis is less than 8.

5" in length by removing the tripodcollar so if you're one of those photographers that doesn't need thetripod addition it fits in here no problem and again close it up and you have a nice snug fitand easy way to protect your expensive 720-200 2.


So remember these areavailable in 3-packs, 4-packs or individually so you're in the market toreplace your existing or your lost case or you need a case for any of yourlenses take a closer look at the new Altura Photo Neoprene lens pouches Happy shooting!.