LED 98A from Fotodiox Pro

Fotodiox mini LED panels are an amazing collection of lights for allof your on-camera lighting needs.

These LED lights generate practically noheat and are a great source of portable,powerful constant light.

The LED 98A is a professional easy to use light panel, versatile andcompact enough for almost any lighting situation, all while addinglittle weight to your handheld camera.

The 98A is fully dimmable; you control the amount of light on yoursubject by adjusting the dimming knob.

The 98A kit includes twomagnetic diffusers, one for soft daylight balanced light, andthe other for soft tungsten balanced light.

The 98A light is easy to mount onto your camera's accessoryport with the included versatile ball mount.

It's also stackable: you can add morelights for extra power.

The 98A includes a rechargeable lithium-ion NPF style battery.

The Fotodiox kit also includes an ACcharger.

This intelligent charger tells you thebattery's power level while charging, and a battery tester on the light itselftells you how much power is left.

You get it all: the 98A dimmable LED light, soft white diffuser, tungsten gel diffuser, adjustable ball mount, lithium rechargeable battery, and ACbattery charger all for one low price.

At Fotodiox we have every option to meet yourlighting needs, no matter how big or how small.

Here's what our customersare saying: At first I figured I would use it as anoff-camera light but I was surprised at how well it worksmounted onto the camera's hot shoe.

Being able to compose your shot with thelight on is really the way to go.

This is a pretty nifty light.

It has anice wide spread as a dimmer is handy.

I've also used itmounted on a stand as a hair light.

Versatile and lightweight.

This Fotodiox LED light is worth theinvestment.

I have filmed my newest movie with it, soon to be entered in film festivals.

Gear up for your next shoot at Fotodiox.

Com, where you canexplore our huge selection of studio and location lighting gear: stands, boom arms, collapsible grids, flags, reflectors, remote triggers and somuch more.

At Fotodiox we develop and manufacture cutting-edge photo and video gear in ourown factories then we ship it to you fast from our30,000 square-foot warehouse just north of Chicago.

When you call our in-country customer service and techsupport lines you'll be speaking with experts Who use Fotodiox equipment every day.

Fotodiox: we're advancing innovation and definingquality so you can focus on your vision.

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