LED 209 from Fotodiox Pro

Fotodiox mini LED panels are anamazing collection of lights for all of your on-camera lighting needs.

These LED lights generate practicallyno heat and are a great source of portable, powerful constant light.

The LED 209A and the 209AS are professional, easy to use LED panels, versatile and compact enough for almostany lighting situation, all while adding little weight to your hand-held camera.

The 209A is fully dimmable.

You control the amount of light on yoursubject by adjusting the dimming knob.

The 209A kit includes twomagnetic diffusers: one for soft daylight balanced light andthe other for soft tungsten balanced light.

The fully dimmable 209AShas additional control over the light's color temperature.

Go from cooler to warmer colored light with a wide range in between.

The kit includes a magnetic diffuser tosoften the light even more.

The 209 lights are easy to mount ontoyour camera's accessory port with the included versatile ball mount.

The 209 lights are also stackable, you can add more lights for extra power.

The LED 209 includes arechargeable lithium ion NPF style battery.

The Fotodiox 209 kitalso includes an AC charger.

The intelligent charger tells you thebattery's power level while charging, and a battery tester on the light itselftells you how much power is left.

You get it all: The 209 dimmable LED light, diffusion panel, adjustable ball mount, lithium ion rechargeable battery, AC battery charger, and this customfitted case all for one low price.

At Fotodiox we have every option to meetyour lighting needs, no matter how big or how small.

Here's what our customers are saying: This is a pretty nifty light.

It has a nice wide spread and thedimmer is handy.

I've also used it mounted on a standas a hair light.

Versatile and light-weight.

Sell your other flash because you'll neveruse it again.

This Fotodiox LED light is that good.

This Fotodiox LED light is worththe investment.

I have filmed my newest movie with it, soon to be eneterd in film festivals.

Gear up for your next shoot at Fotodiox.

Com where you can explore our huge selection of studio and location lighting gear.

Stands, boom arms,collapsible grids, flags, reflectors, remote triggers, and so much more.

At Fotodiox we develop andmanufacture cutting-edge photo and video gear in our own factories Then we ship it to you fast from ourthirty thousand square-foot warehouse just north of Chicago.

When you call our in-countrycustomer service and tech support lines you'll be speaking with experts who useFotodiox equipment every day.

Fotodiox: we're advancing innovation and definingquality so you can focus on your vision.

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