Intex Aqua 5.5 VR Camera Review

Hello friends welcome to android buddy Today I am going to review the camera of Intex Aqua 5.

5 VR I have uploaded other videos of this devices like unboxing video , gaming review etc.

please all those videos links are inthe descrption so lets start out camera review this device has both 5 mp cameras in front band rear.

you will get a led flash o the front for taking selfies in the dark at the back you will get a 5mp camera with two led flash the cmaera UI looks like this and here you will get the touch to focus option you can touch for focus and then click the photo Here you will get 3 different modes like normal mode,beauty mode and panaroma mode and this is the panaroma mode with which you can get wide view shots now let us look at the settings here you will get GPS, white balance , antiflickering options like this antiflicker option will help while taking videos with this camera you will get this zero shutter delay option if you enable this option you can click photos very quickly anti shake option is there for steady shots in the low light you can enable smile shot auto scence detection and self timer options are there too.

burst mode is there, with this you will be able to take continious photos with this upto 40 or 90 shots pcture size is of 5 mega pixel you can also click at 1mp resolution preview size is at full screen 16:9 you can also use the standard 4:3 mode you can set the iso upto 1600 or you can aso lave it to auto here you can enable time stamp option with this you can review your clicks with date if you see the video options here yu will get some option there is no mention of resolution but you can shoot upto 720p hd videos and you also get a time lapse option inbuilt in the camera settings if possible then I will upload a time lapse video you can definetly watch that video in video settings there is a option called EIS, which will help you during video shoot camera also support gestures by doing this gestures you can click photos.

let us see some of the sample photos and videos taken with this camera so these were some sample photos which i have taken with the 5 mp camera of intex aqua 5.

5 VR and I aslo have shot the video with this mobile like you can see the photos were not that good in daylght you can get decent photos but at night time you can not get good photos with this mobile though the mobile has front selfie cam still its unable to take photos in the dark I hope you guys have liked this video plase hit the like button and do subscribe my channel for more such awsome videos.

I will meet you in the next video till then good bye and have a good day.

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