How To Clean DSLR Camera Lens and Sensor

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Cleaning kits, very important, you need to keep your equipment clean for your best imaging.

Whether it's video or stills you want to make sure that you get a kit that works for your equipment and Altura Photo is the best in the business when it comes to cleaning kits.

They literally have any kit for any type of cleaning situation.

They even now carry the ones to be able to clean the sensors, they have the full frame and they have the APS-C sized sensor cleaning kit.

Notice that some of them even come with an Alter Photo carrying case so you can take everything with you everywhere you go.

Honestly, if you keep your equipment clean you'll notice a big difference in the image quality and we'll go over the different kids to show you the different versions, what they come with and what they will do for your equipment whether it's photographic video or even electronics.

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I'm going to go over the different tools that come with the various Altura Photo cleaning kits and how they're going to help you out in maintaining your camera or whatever imaging unit you use to be able to work properly for many years to come.

We have the smaller 7 x 6 version and then we have the big brother, the 16 x 16.

They're available in the gray or silver, and the black.

Now, I love the smaller one, pocketable, easy to carry with you.

Notice how this has a special sawtooth pattern that will not fray and it also is reusable and long-lasting.

This reduces use of paper towel and tissue so it's eco-friendly has no dyes or chemicals.

You can use it on all your popular imaging equipment, so you can use it on your multi-coated lenses, you can use it on your LCD screens.

It works even on electronics, so you can use it on standard tablets, on phones or laptops and of course if you have the big brother this guy comes in very handy for TV sets because when you have 16 by 16 inches you have a lot more area to cover.

I also carry, this believe it or not, for my full frame cameras because this is a lot easier to work and cover a larger area and very simple clean.

If you notice you'll check out a video that I did.

All you have to do is use warm water, you don't have to use any solvents and it's, douse it in warm water for a little bit and stretch it out, rinse it out, twist it out and let it drip-dry.

Don't throw this into a dryer because that can actually damage the micropores that it has in here that allow you to capture the dirt.

So if you're in the market you will notice this is available in many of the Altura Photo kits.

It comes in different versions where you get multiple of these, you can even buy these in multiple quantities by themselves.

Also, now we come to the Altura Photo sprays.

We have the empty spray bottle, which people like, well why is that included in the kit? what is it for? Well, they did a lot of research and they came to the conclusion that there are some do-it-yourselfers and they prefer the smaller size which is 20 ml and they want to create their own solution and there's many different formulas out there.

I showed one in a YouTube video explaining how to work with a distilled white vinegar and distilled water.

20 ml more economical because it's empty you do all the work.

Now the next step is the Altura Photo optical spray, this one's been on the market for a while, very popular.

It's still alcohol-free, ammonia-free, it has no odor or color, it's going to guarantee to work on lens glass and screen cleaner.

It comes in a 16 ml size and of course with the spray, so, very simple work with.

And now we come to their newest version, this is the Altura Photo all-natural, this guy is guaranteed, one hundred percent safe, it also has no ammonia, no alcohol, no odor, no color, it is the safest solution on the market to be able to clean your sensor and your multi-coated lenses.

It's guaranteed not to scratch your delicate DSLR or ilc sensor, so, also comes in 60 milliliters and it is proven to be the leader in the industry when it comes to cleaning sensors and multi-coated optics.

And it is also by the way manufactured in the U.


So there you have it, the three sprays that are included in the various kits from Altura Photo, you again can make a decision of which one is going to work best for you, whether you want to do it yourself and just want to standard optical or you want to get the premium 100-percent all-natural Altura spray.

Alright so now we come to the altar photo lens tissue paper comes with 50 sheets you can put it in your pocket or in your favorite backpack or carrying case for your photo gear it's lint-free so it's not going to give you any kind of residue when you're working with it and it's meant to be delicate on all glass surfaces that means going to work on your lenses your filters LCD screens safe for multi-coated lenses as you want to work on your tablet and your smartphones and everything else that has a screen on it very simple to work with you just tear one sheet out and then you use some of the outdoor photo here i'm using the all natural spray that's my favorite one spray pump and then gently in a circular motion put it across your lens there i'm going to get rid of all the nasty smudges that I had on there right I always put that aside so I can throw it away I don't like to litter and I don't want to mess up the environment now I Tehran another dry piece and in the same whirling motion I'm going to get rid of any excess fluid that I might have had on the lens and there is nice and clean and this guy is really popular for cleaning your viewfinder a lot of times people like how do i get into that to really small area well again we're going to take out a sheet fold it up a bit because you only need a small portion spray pump there and gently just brush it up on the inside to make sure that you get any kind of oil or residue that gets in there now with the dry one again clean it out and make sure that you don't have any excess moisture on there from the spray there you have it nice and easy to work with compact and great for all your glass surfaces the altar photo lens tissue paper so most of the kids will include both of these brushes and people are always asking why are there two brushes why do i need two brushes so they're similar but yet they're really are very different this is the standard brush this guy is used and i always recommend it to get rid of any excess grit and sand and dust anything that is harmful to your equipment and you don't want to scratch it by trying to clean it with a microfiber or a lens tissue so this guys doing all the heavy duty work so I'm here going around this camera went to the beach and it's got a lot of sand and grit and this guy is going to make sure that none of this is going to end up harming or damaging any of my glass part whether it's the LCD or the viewfinder or the front topic so that's this guy's purpose its to get rid of excess grit and dirt now we're going to take a look at how to work with the altar of photo lens cleaning pen notice this has happened to you you have to admit all the Sun you picked up the camera and you notice that your front element is incredibly filthy its all full of fingerprints so this is where this product comes in i'm going to show you how easy it is to remove this situation on right so what you first want to do with the lens pen is you want to use the brush portion and you want to make sure that you brush off any excess sand or grit that's on here because now when we go to clean it we don't want to rub that across the front element that will damage your length now we're going to remove the cap portion and notice how you have the circular area which is a bit concave so it works perfectly for our front element lenses and you're going to with gentle pressure rub this across usually in a circular fashion that works better with a lens so that you can pick up all the oils that are on there with the special carbon tip and notice how its rubberized and it literally moves to the circular circumference of your optic and now to make sure that it's perfectly clean usually get a little bit of condensation on there so you can look for fingerprints so blow on it and if you see any more fingerprints again go right over it and there you have it now the added bonus of this pen is you have a second tip notice how this moves around and now i have a smaller triangular tip with corners which is great for guess what else we got dirty nowadays are LCD screens we're going to make sure that there are no pieces of grit or sand on there to scratch it even though most of these are either with a screen protector or a lot of us try to maintain it great free but better safe than sorry and then turn it around and now use this portion i'm going to go up and down and straight across so i can make sure that I pick up every single fingerprint that i have on there and again if you want to be doubly sure get some compensation on there and any other struggling fingerprints you can use the compound over it to make sure you pick it up and there you have it now it's very important to always put the cap on so that you don't get this on any other surfers remember it might stain because of the carbon nature of it but this is the easiest way to get rid of excess fingerprints on both your LCD and your optics with the ultra photo lens cleaning pen now we have yet another tool attend all the altar of photo cleaning kits the blower this guy is made out of durable rubber and plastic has a red tip and it compresses the year notice how you have an intake here and this is the part that you use to actually get rid of any those particles that are on your camera very important this is something that you should always have with you because the cameras tend to get stuff stuck on it notice everything that is on this lens i can now go ahead and with the horse air we remove any excess and read for dust that's on there before i go ahead and clean it with my tissue or with my magic fiber and all territorial spray so this is a very vital portion of a cleaning kit way back in the day we used to have the compressed air but finally got smart to the fact that has a propellant that can literally damage your multi-coated lenses and your sensor so now that's where the blower aziz have become known comes into play it's come to become and very important tool in the world of cleaning and maintaining all your electronics now we come to the newest member of the alt or photo cleaning kit family the altar photo EV a carrying case this is made out of a special foam that is hard shell but yet it maintains all your equipment safely in here so that means all your cleaning tools will fit in here perfect so here i have the sensor swabs i'm going to put the sensor swabs here i'm going to take my lens cleaning pen and my brush and place that in there also i have my art or photo all natural spray that fits perfectly in the mesh area and then i can put my blower my lens tissue and my magic fiber and now we're going to take a look at the altar photo DSLR sensor cleaning bundle for aps-c sized sensors now the importance of this bundle is that it is including six of the aps-c 16-millimeter these guys are 23.

6 by 15.

6 aps-c sensor cleaning swaps notice how they're individually wrapped these guys are very Kim sealed and they're made of a soft lint-free stereo fabric i'm going to show you right now show you the difference because this is meant for crop sensor cameras like the rebel that I have sitting here on the side and there you have it this is the aps-c sized sensor swab is going to remove stubborn stains on your aps-c sensor and it's not going to have any friction or static build-up now the important thing is that when you're going to do this you're going to have a fully charged battery you don't want the battery died in the middle of the cleaning that could be fatal and you want to be in a relatively sterile environment you don't want to be doing this out on the street or on the open where you're going to run the risk of getting more grit or dust on to your sensor and the important thing is that you're going to use as i show you hear the altar of photo all-natural 100-percent sensor cleaning spray this guy is made exclusively for sensor cleaning you're going to use one pumps and you're going to gently rub across the sensor in one direction flip it and go on the opposite and then you're going to dispose of this you do not want to reuse these guys whatever grit or oils you pick up on here you don't want to adhere back onto your sensor if you try to do a secondary cleaning and now we're going to take a look at the DSLR full-frame sensor cleaning bundle biol to a photo this one comes with everything you need to be able to clean your full frame sensor DSLR now this sensor cleaning bundle from altura incorporates six of the specifically made sensor cleaning swabs for full frame cameras i'm going to open one of these guys up to show you and the reason that these are meant for full frames like the big boy that i have sitting here is that it's a 24 x 36 millimeter now these are one-time use it's not recommended to store these after you use them to reuse them because you're going to pick up a lot of dirt on here and you don't want to add that back onto your sensor so this is again the outdoor photo sensor cleaning swabs for full frame cameras 24 x 36 millimeter happy shooting.

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