How To Clean Camera Lenses

Hello again, Izzy at Digital Goja showrooms and today we're going to take a look at the newest lens tissue from Altura.

This is the Altura Photo lens tissue paper, this is meant to clean any kind of glass surface.

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This paper contains no abbrasives or silicones, it is completely static free, it comes in packages of 50 sheets per booklet and you can buy it in multiple booklet forms, and they also are included in Altura's very popular cleaning kits but I've had great results with it.

They're perfect for cleaning anything camera, camcorder lenses, telescopes magnifying glasses.

They tear out very easy, they're made out of recyclable material, and again, these are chemical free and there's no additives or silicones.

You can even work with just the actual paper, where what I do is I always make sure that there's no pieces on here that might actually harm the product, so the lens has any kind of dust particles always try to blow those off.

Now what I've seen some people do is, they bunch it up and then they do this number so they can drag it away.

You want to make sure there's nothing on there before you wipe it.

Now, the best way to clean, I've always found is to work with some solvent, this one is the Altura Photo, again this is completely safe so it's not going to harm any of your precious multi coatings on your optics.

You do this number in a circular fashion make sure you get any kind of smudges or anything on there, and here we go its pretty much dry but then to be on the safe side I'm going to take another sheet and I'm going to make sure that I don't leave any residue on there and it's nice and dry, again, as you can see this works great on lenses, it also works on LCD screens on your camera if you have smudges on there, look at that, it's going to get rid of the oil is going to pick up all that oil and grease.

I mean we're used to cameras now-a-days having touchscreen so these guys get dirtier and dirtier also works on your viewfinder.

Of course any lenses and like I say any lenses even if you have large lenses or telescopes microscopes and let's say that your main photography tool is something like this, it works on here also.

Again, this is a glass LCD screen so this gets rid of all the smudges on there, still have some more so fine I'll get another one again they come in packages of 50 and they're quite economical, pick them up in groups so here we go make sure that there are no smudges on there and if there's something that's a little bit pesky, as always use some cleaning fluid that way I can make sure that it's nice and clean, and take an additional one I like the new design they tear much easier the other ones before were I don't know they seem to be a little bit more difficult to get out of the package these seem to disengage from the packaging much quicker and they're not a huge size so they're easy to deal with and as always pick up after yourself, I usually put these in my pocket until I get somewhere where I can just dispose of it nice and clean so again if you want to keep your LCDs, your lenses, even your glasses clean, take a closer look at the Altura Photo lens tissue paper.

Happy shooting!.

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