How To Attach Camera Strap Mounting Plate To Tripod

Hello again, Izzy at Digital Goja showrooms.

I read the questions on our customer service,on our Youtube and also on Amazon and eBay on how to work with the Altura Photo RapidFire strap when it comes to attaching it to a tripod.

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Alright, so the first thing you have to dois, you have to remove the Rapid Fire plate from your Rapid Fire strap and then we'regoing to attach it to our DSLR.

Here I happen to have an EOS 6D full framewith a very popular lens, this is the standard 24-105, so if you're going to be doing somevideo or time lapse, this works perfectly.

Now you tighten this up just enough so it'snot loose, but you don't want to over tighten it cause remember you're going to put it ona tripod now.

Line it up so it's nice and secure and nowI'm going to put my favorite tripod's plate, this is from Manfrotto, this is a quick releaseplate.

And again, this guy, we want to make sureit's nice and tight on here, you don't want this one to come loose because this is what's goingto be holding your camera to your tripod and again, because of the fact that the AlturaPhoto Rapid Fire plate has a tripod thread on the bottom you don't have to remove it,so now it's nice and tight on there and I'm now going to place it onto my Manfrotto tripod.

And notice how it's perfectly secured so evenif I want to do some vertical shooting there is no creeping whatsoever it's very well heldin place so you're not going to have any kind of issue working with your tripod and yourAltura Rapid Fire strap plate.

Happy shooting!.

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