DSLR Camera and Mirrorless Backpack Bag

Hello again, Izzy from Digital Gojashowrooms and look, yet another Altura backpack.

This one is called The Light Travelerand look at what all I can fit in there, but it's small, if you like this video please rememberto hit us up with the like button underneath and don't forget to subscribeto our channel so you can share videos like this with your friends and familyfor future tutorials, unboxing and sessions and don't forget, when in Miamivisit Digital Goja showrooms.

Now, this is one of their newest ones to theirbackpack lineup, it's the Altura Photo Light Traveler, it's a smaller design butit still made out of really nice material this is what they call an 840Dwaterproof nylon very well meshed together, again it has padding throughout andremember the zippers are fully covered by this outer area to guarantee that youdon't get excess debris or water in case it's raining now this guy doesn't openfrom the back like the big brother this guy is actually a front-loading but wowthere's that nice design very well padded nice velcro I love the fact thatthey had this elastic compression band because this is meant to make sure thatyour product doesn't fly out especially when you're holding it up and you haveyet another nice pocket over here so you can store some more accessories andhere's another section for a tablet and remember that the interior is fullycustomizable so you can move this around depending on the gear that you want totake along so all these dividers have velcro and they can be completely pulledout so that way you guarantee you get to fit the product that you want to takealong with you, again, very well-defined nice pocket up front plenty of place for storage here's yetanother pocket and notice how it has padding in the back so it gives you nicelumbar support and a clip so you can hold it much firmly and load straps, again,they thought of everything very well done the exterior the heightis 14.

5", it's 5.

5" in depth and you also have 9.

8" inlength.

The interior dimensions are 9" x 4.

5" x 14.

35" andnotice that here your storage compartment where you can put batteriesand whatnot you actually have an area which this actually protects to coverthe zipper so you don't scratch your equipment what I like about this pocket is thatyou can take your favorite tablet with you so here we have an ipad even thisguy which is very wall padded because I use this guy out on the field so thisguy going here with no problem and this guy is even very rubberized so I cantake this guy on the field and not mistreat it, so I gotta make sure it lasts.

Sobasically what you have in here is you want to make sure that you don't takeanything that's wider than 8" and about 12" in length, so yeah Iwould say an iPad or some of the smaller netnooks that are out there or tabletsthat will work perfectly in here now let's take a look at how well this fitsequipment inside now you can customize this guy however you want but here I'musing very popular DSLR this one is a Rebel, it's about 4.

5" in height,you don't want to go anything higher than four and a half inches soyou should be able to also fit a smaller size DSLR like this if you want to putit with a grip and here it's with a 18-135mm but then I have way more pockets,have 6 more pockets that I can customize if you want to take a longer zoomsomething like my 70-300 Sigma if it's lying down you won't be able to stand itup but you have plenty of room for other lenses, LED light, strobe, here I have yetanother pocket so I can put triggers in here I have my prime Tamron lens in here so I have plenty ofroom plus I have another pocket here where I can take along my filters andsome extra memory cards and batteries tablet if you choose to.

You have anotherpocket up front right here and this guy you can take some cleaning supplies Ialways take a hurricane blower and of course a microfiber along and of coursetypical Altura, you're going to get their their accent very well padded handle sothat way even if you want to carry, because again, this is a small bag andI'll show you because I want to wear it next to show you how small it is itactually looks pretty small in a larger guy like me but it does the job andagain it's more enough that you can take it on you onto any airplane becauseit'll fit in the overhead and underneath the front seat and don't forget you haveyour side pocket for a tripod so here I happened to carry along might be freefrom Manfrotto I've had great results nice and small you feed it through theloop because this is adjustable here so you can adjust depending on the sizetripod and then open up the tripod flap and you're going to put two of the legsright in there to hold a secure close this back up and then pull on this guyso that it's nice and secure and it doesn't go anywhere so now hangs on yourside very easy to work with you can work with, again, small tripods or monopods let'stake a look on how to wear this guy.

Now, to get this ready first you place your gear in here andthen you want to loosen the shoulder straps so these guys are nice and looseand then you adjust them yourself so you loosen them up so they're set for larger peopleespecially like myself see? that's how it loosens it up and youalso want to loosen this guy which is the one that is for the sternum so you losen this up also so you have plenty of room and then asyou put it on you tighten it up now as I said this guy is completely adjustablebut notice how small it is, very easy to carry you can carry it with your handvery comfortable now you have to loosen everything up especially for size likemyself I have to loosen the shoulder straps the lumbar support the sternum,everything is pretty much maxed out, but if your normal size human being this is very easy to work with.

Alright,so now you put this guy on and remember you have your sternum strap here I haveit again pretty much extended to the max alright so now and this is moveable up and down youcan adjust it depending on what feels comfortable for you so you don't chokeyourself clip it and then you can tighten it up to the way that it suitsyou best.

So this is nice and comfortable for mehere now I pull on the load so that it doesn't ride too low on the back andthere you go, again this holds it in place so if you have todo some heavy running or moving or climbing, which I'm not going to do anyof that, it holds a nice and taunt so that gives you great back supportespecially with the lumbar support here with the padding it does a really goodjob and again I'm taking a good amount of gear but you can make this a lotlighter it all depends on how much you want to take with you for a day ofshooting so again in the market for a smaller backpack? Take a closer look atthe Altura Photo Light Traveler Happy shooting!.

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