APS-C Camera Sensor Cleaning Swabs

Hello again, Izzy from Digital Gojashowrooms, and today we're going to take a look at the new Altura Photo®professional swab cleaning kit for sensors for APS cameras.

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Now, this is their newest design these are dry swabs and they're made tobe used in conjunction with the Altura Photo® All-Natural Sensor Cleaner.

So, these are all hermetically sealed in here and again they are for APS-Ccamera sensors which is 23mm x 15.

60mm so it's a 16mm sizethat's the one that you need.

These guys are made of ultra soft microfiber, it'slint free and of course is going to absorb the oil and condensation.

It's going tomake sure that all the particles disappear and of course they're one-timeuse only so when you open these guys up, that'swhy they come individually sealed.

You're going to only use this once.

So now I'mgoing to show you how to clean a sensor.

Alright here I have the very popular NikonD3200, again, the way to clean this is going to be very similar in mostNikon's but it's going to differ from manufacturer to manufacturer andremember this is going to work with all your crop sensor Nikons like the D3200D3000 the 5500 series, even the new D500 and of course in Canon T3S, all theRebels T6S T6I 60D 70D 7D Mark II 80D.

Remember as long as you havean APS-C sized sensor it's going to work perfectly for it, even for the mirrorlesslike the Sony A6300 and A6000.

Now, first thing we need to do is on thiscamera we need to go into the menu so I'm going to access my menu.

I'm goingto go to lock the mirror up for cleaning that's the one that's going to give methe capability of accessing the sensor so I'm going to hit OK, hit OK to start andthen click the shutter, remove the lens and notice that this guy is open so thatI can access the sensor there in the back which is pretty filthy, again youwant to make sure that there are no dust particles in here so you want to use ahurricane blower and notice how I'm holding the camera at an angle so any dust particlesthat are in there going to fall out alright, so once we do that now immediatelyopen up one of the sealed Altura Photo® APS-C sensor swabs, pull this guy out andthen we're going to spray it with the Altura Photo® spray this is the sensorcleaning spray that comes in the kit it's also available to purchaseseparately and all you need is one spray you don't need to douse thistremendously so, like that, that's it so now hold the camera straight acrosslike so, one swipe.

Now, you go ahead and use another swab, this one is completely drycause you don't want to reuse these guys that way you don't run the risk ofgetting more dirt onto your sensor and again in the same direction.

Just swipe it across, that gets anyexcess moisture that might be on the sensor off there.

Immediately put yourlegs back on and again what you want to really do is take a shot of a whitesurface completely out of focus and compare that to a previous shot that youmight have had that show dust particles that were you guarantee that you got ridof all the excess dust particles on your sensor.

So, again, you need to clean yoursensor go ahead and pick up the Altura Photo® professional APS-C DSLR SensorCleaning Swabs this will make your life a lot simpler than having to sit andtrying to fix all this in Photoshop plus again anything that stays on your sensorfor a long period of time eventually fuses on and becomes a bigger problem sokeep it clean and that way you can do some beautiful happy imaging.

Happy shooting!.

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