Lately I have been diving deep into home interior inspiration, because Jon and I are getting ready for the move of our lives (I promise that I will be able to talk about it soon). I hate to leave my apartment, because it is the one place that has felt like home to me. However, bigger and better things are ahead for us!!


Growing up, I always lived in one floor apartments with my mom and sister, so I’ve always dreamed of having an upstairs with a bold staircase.


I especially love these wood staircases. They are simple, but definitely add a layer of interest/texture to any room.


Also, how cool would it be to add a pop of color to your stairs? Keep everything else neutral and then bang! -”hello there stairs”! 


I think these options will do just fine for my dream house one day.

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Hey remember me, it sure has been awhile! The other day I received the sweetest email from a reader (Hi Megan!), and It was the exact kick in the pants I needed to get back to blogging about all the things I like in this world. Recently, I was introduced to this collection, Babe. It is full of great basics to mix in with your current wardrobe. And, it also happens to be made in the U.S of A. How cool, right? I can’t wait to stop by their showroom next time I’m in New York to see the collection for myself, and grab a few things. Take a look at the entire collection right over here.

Many of you might remember Jon and I took an impromptu trip to Europe last month. It was crazy and amazing, but I feel like I’m still recovering and unpacking (Ha). I hate packing, but what I hate even more is the unpacking. Hopefully I will get to do a recap of our trip soon! Let’s just say it is one for the books. A little snippet of our trip: I ended up throwing my back out and getting an eye infection in Paris. Woof. Regardless, it was still one of the best trips, but definitely full of “surprises”.

Anyways, how are you all doing? Let’s catch up!




Hey remember me, guys/gals? :) I’m stopping in real quick to let you know I’m over at the wonderful 1000 threads blog today while Laicie is away at the ALT summit. And, I’m also over at Wit and Delight talking about summer hair inspiration! See you over there…..

I promise that soon enough I will post a recap of my wonderful yet exhausting European adventure! I feel like I still need to process it all – it was one wild ride for sure :) In the meantime, these are a few things I purchased while in Europe, or have on my mind to purchase in the coming months. Enjoy! -ALECIA

BULY 1803 // A.P.C. coin pouch // Dieppa Restrepo loafers // Equipment Blouse // Illesteva Sunglasses



Hello Likes of Us readers, Victoria here from Oh So Pretty! When Alecia first told me about her little getaway to Paris and Amsterdam, my first reaction was take me with you?!? Unfortunately, that’s not possible, so I’m living vicariously through her and of course following on Instagram! I’ve never been over there, but I can only imagine how fabulous everything is – the people, places, food, and of course fashion! As I’m dreaming about someday walking the streets of Europe, I know of three things for sure – lots of walking, eating, and picture taking. So I definitely see myself in something stylish and comfy! -VICTORIA

Sunglasses  | Top | Necklace | Denim Shorts | Sandals