Popping in to say I’m blogging about one of my style crushes, Ana Kras over on Wit + Delight. I’ve been rebuilding my closet very slowly this past year, and her simple + minimal approach with style is something I want to achieve myself. Is there someone that inspires or influences your style choices? Tell me over on W&D. -ALECIA



Be still my heart. This home is beeeautiful! Don’t you agree? This is the home of interior stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg, and of course she would own one of my favorite homes to date. Take a look……


Last week I mentioned Jon and I are making a big move, and I haven’t truly wrapped my heart/head around it yet.  We have lived in this space for over 2 years, and it is without a doubt my favorite place I have ever lived. It will be bittersweet to say goodbye. However, before we make the move make sure to keep your eyes out for a peak into my home over on apartment therapy very soon. Although moving will be extremely hard this time around, it’s fun to start thinking about redecorating. I sure hope my new house has a bookshelf like the one below ……


This kitchen has my name all over it. The cabinet color is perfection, but blends well and adds a hint of color to an otherwise all white home.


What a stunner! And, since Jon and I are selling all our furniture with this move, images like this are giving me some ideas on what to purchase for our restart.


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If you remember my post over on Wit and Delight about my real life struggle with finding a pair of sunglasses (or glasses for that matter), someone was so kind and suggested I try Warby Parker. It was perfect timing, because the Warby Parker bus happened to be parked outside my house for the next two weeks, so I was able to go in and try on every.single.pair. Even if the awesome Warby Parker class trip bus didn’t make it to your area, they have a great try on at home program before you pull the trigger on any style. People, let me tell ya their glasses were a game changer for me! I am now a fan/follower of the brand, and today I’m teaming up with them to launch their newest Beacon collection! If you are on the market for some new shades or glasses, this collection is said to be “inspired by impromptu, can’t-duplicate-them-all-nighters, when having no plans brings endless possibilities.”  Above are a few of the new styles, so make sure you visit Warby Parker to see the full collection. Tell me what you think!


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Lately I have been diving deep into home interior inspiration, because Jon and I are getting ready for the move of our lives (I promise that I will be able to talk about it soon). I hate to leave my apartment, because it is the one place that has felt like home to me. However, bigger and better things are ahead for us!!


Growing up, I always lived in one floor apartments with my mom and sister, so I’ve always dreamed of having an upstairs with a bold staircase.


I especially love these wood staircases. They are simple, but definitely add a layer of interest/texture to any room.


Also, how cool would it be to add a pop of color to your stairs? Keep everything else neutral and then bang! -”hello there stairs”! 


I think these options will do just fine for my dream house one day.

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